The appearance of wrinkles and facial folds can be smoothed by adding structure and volume underneath and bringing sunken skin back to the surface. A dermal filler is a smooth injectable gel, also known as hyaluronic acid that is eased under your skin to instantly smooth out wrinkles and folds. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar in the body that’s purpose is to pull water to add plumpness to the area. This adds volume and fullness to depleted areas of the face including mid-face (cheekbones), nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lips. The results are subtle but noticeable. During your consultation, our Nurse Injector will want to learn about your desired expectations and goals of your treatment. She will evaluate your skins current condition and facial structure to determine what products will work best for your needs.

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What type of dermal fillers to you use?

We use both the Juvederm (Ultra XC, Voluma, Vollure and Volbella) and Restylane (Restylane, Lyft, Silk, Refyne and Defyne) brand of fillers. This collection of fillers offer a wide range of treatment options and the ability to customize to your individual needs.

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How soon will I see results and how long will they last?

Results can be seen immediately after and will get better over the course of 2-3 weeks as the filler integrates with your own tissue.


The results will last 6 months – 2 years depending on which filler is used.

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What can I expect after my injection?

Immediately after the treatment, there may be redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness and/or itching at or near the injection site(s). Avoid itching, massaging or touching around the injection site(s). These symptoms are normal and should resolve within a few days.

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Is there anything I should do after?
  • Apply ice, take Arnica tablets or apply Arnica cream to help reduce swelling and bruising

  • Avoid physical activity as this may result in additional bruising

  • Avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and extreme heat/cold

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Is there anything I should do before?
  • With permission from your prescribing physician stop taking blood thinners/daily aspirin

  • Avoid NSAIDS (ie: ibuprofen), and/or Aleve for 1 week prior

  • Avoid taking St. John’s Wort and Vitamin E for 1 week prior

  • Avoid Retin-A, Tretinoin and Retinoids for 3 days prior

  • Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 24 hours prior

  • Start Arnica tablets and eat ½ fresh pineapple the day before and day of treatment

  • No dental appointments 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks following injectable appointment 

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Please contact us immediately if you are experiencing:
  • Fever/chills

  • Severe pain

  • Blanching at the injected area

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