Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, non-surgical used to remove unwanted facial hair.

Not unlike shaving, Dermaplaning uses a special tool to eradicate “peach fuzz” as well as dead skin cells that a simple shave cannot reach. This simple, painless procedure will help remove acne scar, wrinkles and leave your face looking pristine.

Dermaplaning requires virtually no downtime and there are no known side effects. For best results, patients are recommended to be treated roughly once monthly and moisturize to promote smooth, healthy skin between treatments.

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What are the primary benefits
of Dermaplaning?
 In addition to providing silky smooth skin,
Dermaplaning offers a multitude of added
benefits while posing minimial risk or
downtime for the recipient. Dermaplaning
can contribute to evening facial skin tone
and eliminating fine wrinkles. 
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Will my hair grow back thicker
after Dermaplaning treatments?
 No. Dermaplaning works deep to remove the
facial vellus hair. Unlike terminal hair which
grows elsewhere on the body, vellus hair
maintains a consistent size and shape
when cut, ensuring that it will not toughen
or thicken after removal.