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A lash lift and tint opens up your eyes and adds length and body to your lashes. Say goodbye to your eyelash curler. A lash lift (also called lash perm) shapes and curls your lashes and offers semi-permanent hold.

30 minutes ($65)

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How long does it last?

If properly maintained, your eye lash tint/lift should last anywhere between 4-6 weeks, espieclaly if you follow your aestheticans after care instructions!

What does the after care look like?

Initially after being treated, we recommend waiting to cleanse the eyes or put any make up on them for 48 hours in order to allow the lift to set.

It's also important to avoid: 

+ Waterproof mascara 

+ Oils around the eyes

+ Eye masks and eye lash curlers

+ Rubbing your eyes

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